Lightning, thunder and all foul weather will stop all activities for at least 30 minutes. Go to your car immediately. Your coach will inform you of any cancelled, postponed or suspended activity.


Contact us at for team availability before you register your child.

AYSO's six philosophies separate us from the REST:

Everyone Plays, Balanced Teams, Open Registration, Positive Coaching, Good Sportsmanship & Player Development.

For Volunteers

It's About What's Good For The Kids

AYSO is an all volunteer-run organization. Coaches, referees and administrators are volunteers. Over 125,000 parents, neighbors, relatives and friends lend their time and talents so that each child gets a terrific AYSO experience.

AYSO has developed special training that helps parents who may have little or no soccer experience quickly gain the age-appropriate knowledge and skills they need to be effective coaches and referees.

AYSO's volunteer foundation ensures that it's all about what's good for kids. It also makes AYSO very affordable.

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